The people of Linz have been involved in a combination of planning and awareness-raising measures and activities as part of an EU-Life project for three years. During this time, they had the opportunity to try out new forms of mobility and to inform themselves about alternatives.

MOBILE consisted of six modules on the following topics:

* Module 1: Shopping by bike and installing artistic bike stands
* Module 2: Participating in formulating suggestions for a Linz Bicycle Plan
* Module 3: A mobility project, which ran for over a year in a secondary school in Linz
* Module 4: A seminar for teachers on conducting bicycle training in street areas rather than in recreational areas.
* Module 5: A trial membership for car sharing
* Module 6: Providing specific individual information about public transportation in Linz.

Widespread publicity for this project at trade fairs and cycle days, as well as the organization of two symposia made this project well known far beyond the city limits of Linz.
Contact: Nicole Hofbauer