KiSi - Children as Traffic Planners

Kids analyze school safety as real traffic experts. The creative skills of children are seen and taken into consideration by experts in new proposals for solutions. This project is accompanied by a traffic engineer.

Pupils develop proposals to redesign bus stops and tram stops, walkways and thoroughfares and they build models with expert guidance, thereby learning to become young traffic planners. The children's perspective is also used for an analysis of traffic accidents by reviewing dangerous areas on site and considering ideas for improving the traffic situation. The entire project is accompanied by a traffic planner. A summary report is prepared by the project manager and the traffic planners involved.

The aim is to consider children's awareness capabilities as part of the traffic planning activities.

The project "Children as Traffic Planners " is part of the" Styrian Traffic Safety catalog for children - KiSi, a traffc safety catalog of the Styrian Provincial Government listing projects for children in five categoríes, which will be sent to 550 municipalities.
Contact: Sigrid Achleitner