KiSi - Kids Transport Plenum

Involving children and young people's interests in traffic planning projects is basic to increasing the quality of life in our cities and towns.

Under expert facilitation and in compliance with the criteria for participating projects children are offered a forum to express their views on transport in their community.

Risk situations and problem areas from the children's point of view are identified, collected, and presented in a creative way. The results of the children's traffic plenum are summarized and forwarded to the public representatives responsible.

The Kids Traffic Plenum should ideally be combined with the project described below, Children as Transport Planners.

The aim is to include children in the planning processes in their community through a critical analysis of traffic and risk situations from their point of view.

The project "Children's Traffic Plenum" is part of the" Styrian Traffic Safety catalog for children - KiSi, a traffc safety catalog of the Styrian Provincial Government listing projects for children in five categoríes, which will be sent to 550 municipalities.
Contact: Sigrid Achleitner