Actively Improving School Traffic Environment with the School Association of the Franciscan Sisters in Graz

The daily traffic situation in front of the school site and the fact that even more traffic can be expected when the Graz International Bilingual School (GIBS) moves into the former School of Pedagogy Eggenberg right across the street led the School Association of the Franciscan Sisters to deal intensively with the issue of mobility and transport - with the aim of seeking ways to promote traffic calming and reduce car traffic in the area.
The Franciscan Sisters have already conducted an in-house mobility analysis that contains a list of problem areas and proposals on how to deal with them.
The Advisory Role of the IVP

The IVP was therefore commissioned by the City of Graz, Department of Traffic Planning to consult with the School Association of the Franciscan Sisters about their mobility needs and to review the feasibility of their suggestions and ideas for improving the traffic situation.
GIBS was also involved in the entire project in order to find common solutions to reducing daily "homemade" traffic.

The IVP produced a report that included not only a description and analysis of the conducted activities, but also recommendations for further action.
The next step includes a workshop with the affected schools as well as with representatives of the City of Graz and the Graz public transportation companies to determine what additional measures the schools can undertake to improve the traffic situation.

Main topics of the workshop will be:

* Offset school start times
* Increased frequency of buses and trams
* Temporary closing off the school street before school starts

School Manual for Mobility Management

The IVP also prepared at the same time an attractive green school manual on how mobility management can be effectively implemented in Graz schools. This manual serves as a guide for schools to implementing mobility management measures and consists of case studies, useful links, checklists and survey sheets.

Contact: Margit Braun