Kids Mobility Workshop "My Intersection" at the Uetzgasse Elementary School in Baden

In preparation for the kids mobility workshop all students of the Uetzgasse Elementary School participated in a survey of their school routes and above all, the distance between the intersection crossing, which is to be rebuilt, and the elementary school.

During class, teachers took their students to the intersection and conducted an on-site assessment by taking into consideration such questions as: "How do I get to school now?," " What is it like?," " What do I like and do not like?," " Where do I feel comfortable and where am I afraid?"

The students wrote down their impressions and made photographs.
Essays, Drawings and Pictures about the Current Status

After the current status survey was conducted, the children documented their visions and aspirations and how they imagined their dream or favorite way to school could look like in the form of essays, drawings, or photo collages, according to their age and ability.

There were no limits to the children's imagination. Proposals included not only traditional playground equipment such as a jungle gym, but also quite useful items like a drinking fountain or a large clock.

Conclusions and Proposals for Improvement - The Children's Perspective

As part of a workshop, the children explored the traffic intersection together with teachers and IVP educators. Potential risks in the traffic environment (such as crossings and intersections,) were analyzed from the children's perspective and improvements and suggestions for a child-friendly design of the school route from the five-pointed intersection (where parents drop their children off) to the school were promulgated.

Integrating Proposals into the Planning Process

The concept "My Intersection" became a blueprint for the City Planning Bureau to review which proposals could be integrated into the existing planning procedures and to determine whether and how the children could be involved in the execution phase (e.g. painting walls and street sections, making signs at the drop-off area.)
After this review, the project was presented to the entire school in a way describing which proposals would be implemented and when in a way the children could understand.

All children of the Uetzgasse Elementary School were presented with a certificate of the municipality in a ceremony to thank them for their participation.

Contact: Margit Braun