Kindergarten Program

The main elements of this kindergarten program include:
* Workshops with kindergarten teachers
* Practice exercises with the training bike
* Children's stories and games for cycling
* "I can ride a bike" certificate
* Motivational measures to involve parents in the program and to encourage more daily physical activity

In addition, all participating kindergartens take part in a creative competition called "The Most Original Bike Sculpture" in which teachers and children use various materials to create bike sculptures. The awards for the best sculptures are presented during an exchange of information and experience gathering of kindergarten teachers.

A key advantage of the program is that, once started, it can become an on-going kindergarten program. Once initiated, it can become integrated into the regular operation of the kindergarten with long-term effects because the training bike and picture book can be used every day. In addition, stories, songs and crafts with bicycle themes can be incorporated in everyday kindergarten programs.

More important however is the fact that this project takes an important step in changing mobility behavior in the direction of "sustainable mobility".

Since 2009, some 1,500 children from 46 municipal kindergartens in Graz have learned to cycle. This project was made possibly by implementing the EU project LifeCycle and by support from Graz City Departments of Urban Traffic Planning and Youth.

Contact: Margit Braun