Mobility Promotional Campaign

The central element of the ECO-TRIPS promotional campaign is a European-wide video contest by young people for young people. Other activities include youth debates and a week-long focus on one theme conducted during the ECO-TRIPS promotional campaign.

Beginning the Campaign - Youth Debates

The ECO-TRIPS campaign starts with a youth debate to draw young people's attention not only to the Eco Trips campaign but also to issues related to traffic, the environment and health. The debate is entertaining and instructive.

The Heart of the Campaign - Video Productions

Teenagers develop a short film advertising ECO TRIPS to other teens. This is a chance to find new ways of communicating the theme of "Environmentally-friendly Mobility. Environment - Health - Road Safety" on film.

Promoting the Campaign

Accompanying the campaign is an ECO-TRIPS promotion week encouraging eco-friendly transport to work, school and recreational activities as much as possible during the week.

Additional activities like a "slogan contest" or a bicycle trip can also be organized.

The Campaign Final - European Video Competition

The presentation of a national and European-wide video contest completes the ECO-TRIPS promotional campaign. The national winners also take part in the European video contest.

Contact: Matthias Scheid