School Activity: The Traffic Snake Game - Eco-friendly, Healthy and Safe to School

The "Traffic Snake Game - Eco-friendly,Healthy and Safe to School" is a new fun and awareness-building activity that can be applied to any school. "Environmentally friendly, healthy and safe to school " is THE central element of school mobility management and contributes significantly to making school routes attractive, healthy, safe and exciting for walking and cycling.

The Traffic Snake Game is a simple and uncomplicated introduction to sustainable mobility education and has encouraged many of the participating schools to deal more extensively with the traffic situation at their own school door or to improve school transportation.

Implementing the Traffic Snake Game has three aims:
> Teaching mobility skills
> Improving road safety
> Long-term awareness of smart mobility

As more children walk or bike independently to school, they get more experienced in dealing with street traffic. By becoming active, i.e. unaccompanied and independent participants in commuter traffic, they gain the necessary experience to become competent and above all safe road users.

And the way to school will become a fun and active living space once again.

The Traffic Snake Game is not only an important step in improving road safety. It also helps to support environmental and climate awareness and to ensure the health of children.

The Traffic Snake Game is a central element of the European project CONNECT - Developing and disseminating excellent mobility management measures for young people.Contact: Margit Braun