About Us

The Institute for Traffic Education - IVP - develops in cooperation with teachers mobility concepts for kids and youth projects, implements traffic education projects for kindergartens, schools and youth organizations, and conducts training seminars for educators.

Our services include:

  • Training and workshops for kindergarten and elementary school teachers on "Using Soft Mobility in Children's Daily Lives"
  • Initiating and supporting kindergarten projects encouraging positive attitudes towards smart mobility, such as the "Cycling Made Easy!" program.
  • Advising schools on how to actively improve the school environment, such as the kids mobility workshop "My Intersection" at the Uetzgasse Elementary School in Baden.
  • Motivational programs for schools, teachers, pupils and parents encouraging environmentally friendly and healthy transportation, such as the school promotional campaign "Traffic Snake Game - Eco-friendly, Healthy and Safe to School"
  • Development of educational materials and implementation of lesson plans for using public transport in one's own city or town.
  • Motivational program for young people to use healthy and green modes of transportation, such as the mobility promotional campaign "ECO-TRIPS" by young people for young people.